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Consultancy : Project Management , Strategic Services, Automation, I.T, HRS & Training


Our Control and Automation solutions are installed with the end user in mind. Our team provides partial to complete automation installations and retrofits for new and existing Process control systems. We strive to provide our customer the best automation solution for their technical processes and the integration of those technical processes with administrative and management processes. The industries covered by us are Iron & Steel, Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Chemical, Mining, Raw Material Handling, Aluminum & other Metals, Cement, Railways, Power and renewable energy, IT & Mobile sector


Process Control

Effective process performance requires the efficient operation of process equipment and their associated control systems.


Process control and advanced process control (APC) is an important aspect for the oil and gas industry, which faces the challenge of maximizing the profitability of process operations, while meeting safety, operating, and product quality constraints. We provide solutions in this area, which includes:


  • Design and checking of existing instrument loops and packages, including logic and validation;
  • Analysis of stabilization of the operations after process disturbances, shut down and start-up, process instabilities and system failure response;
  • Design, dynamic simulation and tuning of special-purpose control systems, including compressor anti-surge and performance control;
  • Establishing valve opening/closing time requirements, required control valve's (e.g. anti-surge recycle valves), valve characteristics, etc.;
  • Developing control strategies, for various applications to comply with safe operations, current regulations and guidelines;
  • Design, consultations and studies in process safeguarding, Instrument Protective Functions, Availability and Reliability Analysis.
  • Determination of Safety Critical Systems to comply with the requirements of Prevention of Fire, Explosion and Emergency Response while meeting required Performance Standards.


 Our Controls & Automation services include the following, but though not limited by it:


  • Feasibility Study for Implementation of Low cost automation to enhance Productivity.
  • Assist in the startup of the process or the switch over from an existing to a new control system.
  • Expertise to implement & meet a choice of Instrumentation / DCS / SCADA / MMI interface solutions
  • Provide consulting services to users of DCS, PC / PLC, Instrumentation and other Control Automation and Engineering systems
  • Specification and Equipment Selection
  • Configuration and Programming
  • Operator interface design, startup, validation, documentation and Training
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) build, installation and programming
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)
  • Protection relay installation and testing
  • LECPs (Local Engine Control Panel) construction, installation and programming
  • FAT (Factory acceptance testing)


We offer the highest quality of workmanship and ease of future serviceability in every installation.


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