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Consultancy : Project Management , Strategic Services, Automation, I.T, HRS & Training


Efficient management of Human Resources is extremely important as it is crucial to the success of an organization in any sector. We completely understand the need for effective policies to execute various functions of Human Resource Management and render our professional Human Resource Consultancy in various sectors. We have a team of proficient HR Professionals who assess the unique HR requirements of the clients company and thereafter provide effective suggestions and result-oriented strategies for improving Human Resource Management.




Study of manpower requirements, developing job description, MQ & skill set required, Job-Competency mapping and Selection of the right persons for the right job;


We have provided manpower recruitment services to many companies with candidates  right from Junior to Senior level, for various verticals like Oil, Gas, Chemicals & Petrochemicals; Iron, Steel & Metal Industry, Mining & Material Handling industry etc.


DAS SERVICES currently has a huge data base of professional staff & contacts located throughout the globe. Our personnel / contacts are multi-skilled, involving all the disciplines of engineering, procurement, materials management, QA/QC inspection and all aspects of traffic & logistics. Our philosophy is to work closely with our clients to provide personnel with the relevant skills and experience as and when they are required during the various project stages; often as members of an integrated team, or on a one off basis to complete specific tasks to maintain specific deadlines. Where possible, we Endeavor to mobilize personnel who have worked successfully for our clients on previous similar projects like: Discipline Engineers & staff for Project Procurement, Project Expediting, Quality Management, Materials Inspection, Freight Management, Materials Management, Health, Safety & Environment, Document Control

DAS SERVICES combines modern technology with years of experience and expertise to provide a professional yet personal level of communication and co-operation with our clients.

Our Infrastructure & Capabilities:

We have several associate offices across India and abroad. A significant number of our employees bring valuable experience with them, having worked in other search firms of repute. Together with a computerized and networked office, we have a sizable database of our own and we subscribe to some placement websites too.


Recruitment on Demand


The Recruiting On-Demand model is perfect for those who need recruiting on a periodic basis. If your recruiting cycles require peak-period support, you will have all the benefits of a fully staffed recruiting department without the related cost of maintaining and housing that overhead during down or non-hire periods. Moreover, for proficient & cost-effective Recruitment on Demand solutions, you can contact us.


Large pool of talent and strong networking associates enable us to  identify and direct the right person for every job role. From candidate line-up, interview, selection/ rejection intimation, etc., to salary negotiation, we offer complete assistance in all.

We have a huge database of candidate profiles with different skills, qualifications, and experience. Our proficient HR Professionals carefully evaluates each and every profile, before recommendation, for ensuring that he or she is suitable for the specific job.

Staffing Solutions:

We design customized Staffing Solutions for diverse verticals. The company is backed by a team of well-qualified, skilled, and experienced HR Professionals. They carefully analyze the current HR Strategies, the work culture, and the unique requirements in the client’s company. Accordingly, customized Staffing Solutions are developed and implemented. We endeavor to increase the productivity of every department in order to hike the overall productivity of the company by designing effective Staffing Solutions. We offer flexible Staffing Solutions so that the current as well as future manpower needs are smoothly taken care of.



Health, Safety & Environment


It is our aim to safeguard the health and safety of our employees, our contractors, the public and the environment whilst maintaining a successful and healthy business.


To drive the integration of health, safety and environmental improvements into all aspects of our business processes, we will:


  • Ensure the health, safety and welfare of employees and others (including members of the public) and the protection of the environment that may be affected by our undertakings.
  • Control risks that could lead to injury, ill health or loss of environmental damage by establishing and implementing effective risk control measures.
  • Accept that accidents, occupational ill health and incidents are in general as a result of failings in management control and are not necessarily the fault of individual employees.
  • Comply as a minimum with legislation, adopted codes of practice and company procedures.
  • Implement a formal integrated quality, health, safety and environmental management system that will continually monitor, set performance targets and seek improvements in performance.
  • Prevent or minimize pollution in particular during the handling, transportation, storage and use of oils and other hazardous substances.
  • Reduce the volume of waste generated by the promotion of minimization, recycling and reuse.
  • Effectively communicate information on health, safety, environmental and welfare matters, including this policy, to all employees and contractors as well as the public and other interested parties.

We shall ensure that this policy is reviewed on a continual basis and that improvements are made to reflect any changes in organization structure, statutory requirements or any other significant factor.


Environmental Services


DAS SERVICES is able to offer our Clients a wide range of environmental services to enhance their corporate image and to ensure that they are able to comply with legislative requirements. Our understanding of environmental issues and commercial pressures facing organizations in today's economic and social matters allows us to provide our clients with focused and commercial realistic solutions.


Top-level environmental services and advice include:


  • Legislation searches and communication of regulatory requirements.
  • Environmental responsibility briefings.
  • Environmental legislation library development in support of ISO 14000.
  • Environmental policy development.
  • Education in environmental issues - shareholders and board level including the preparation of briefing papers on a wide range of environmental issues.


We are able to provide comprehensive advice on the implementation and day-to-day operation of Environmental Management Systems. We support clients with:


  • GAP analysis against legislative requirements.
  • Creation of environmental aspect and legislation registers.
  • Environmental compliance audits.
  • Development of environmental procedures.
  • Development of audit protocols.
  • Auditing of subcontractors.


DAS SERVICES can also offer advice to Clients on green procurement practices and waste management issues including:


  • Duty of care issues.
  • Key legislative issues.
  • Recycling opportunities


Training & Development


Effective employee Training & Development programs provide competitive advantages to organizations in that they equip employees with correct mindset, updated knowledge and relevant skills. We provide Training need identification, Training and development of personnel through customized training for on site, off site and on line training to suit your requirements.


We offer the following assistance to meet your organization’s training challenges and your staff's individual professional development needs:


  • Training & development function set-up
  • Training needs analysis
  • Executive Coaching
  • Employee development program
  • Employee education and training


Delivery of HSE Training Courses:

DAS SERVICES offers training in developing Health, Safety, Environment Management Systems (HSEMS) including how to plan and implement HSE activities and how to develop HSE Procedures. HSEMS training courses can be tailored to suit specific organizational requirements and the training can be made for senior management, through middle management and supervisors, to operatives.