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Consultancy : Project Management , Strategic Services, Automation, I.T, HRS & Training





Our vision is to be a premier Technical & Management consultancy Solution and Service provider in the field of Engineering & Project Management. We intend to realize this vision by offering to you unrivalled expertise and speed of response, coupled with total commitment in realizing your business goals.




The following mission statements are the kernels of the strategy for our company:

  • Providing our customers the best solution for integration of their technical and administrative /management processes;
  • Strive to achieve customer satisfaction, as in their success lies our own future.




The core values that guide us in our work are outlined as follows:

  • Client Focus: we ensure that services meet clients’ requirements and provide suitable solutions to their business needs
  • Service Excellence: we provide the highest level of service using our skills and knowledge, aiming to exceed our clients’ expectations by adding value to project solutions
  • Professionalism: we subscribe to ethical business practices without discrimination as reflected in our honesty, integrity and accountability in our business dealings
  • Commitment: we exhibit a strong sense of loyalty and commitment to our clients in the achievement of successful project outcomes, including taking reasonable steps to identify social, environmental and economic consequences of project decisions.




  • Our People and their experience
  • Understanding the gaps and risks in the industry
  • Combination of engineering and commercial management acumen
  • Established good working relationship with key stakeholders in the industry
  • Strong negotiating skills
  • Focused area of expertise
  • Passionate about what we do
  • Ability to solve complex technical and contractual problems






Our services begin with an assessment of functional requirements in close interaction with the client, including, where necessary, development of detailed requirements for the work scope and likely deliverable s.  Clients unfamiliar with engineering projects may need the advice of a consultant in determining which services should apply to a specific project. We have seen many projects fail or exceed the time schedule and budget, because of inadequate definition of the project requirements during this phase.


In the development stage, we conduct a conceptual engineering study that involves:


  • Initiation: Data gathering and discussions. Setting objectives and boundaries with client. Establishing critical success factors (CSF).
  • Conceptual Development: Making use of client data / information and our experience we will develop the best technological options and alternatives for project development, taking into account market study, production facilities, business risks, future expansions etc.
  • Facilities Definitions: The objective of this step is to establish initial sizing of main equipment for the different concepts and identify key issues with different concepts.
  • Value Engineering: Value engineering workshops are commenced at an early stage with the objective of stimulating creative thinking with a 'blue-sky' approach. The value engineering workshops address functional design, value creation, risk analysis, cost estimation and options screening.
  • Desktop Analysis: Following each workshop, the many issues, ideas and concerns will be addressed at our office. Different types of engineering analyses and risk and costing analyses will be performed to sum up workshop findings and arrive at main conclusions. The workshops, together with subsequent analysis, will screen the various options, and identify the best alternatives open for the next steps.
  • Risk Assessment: Having carried out the value engineering analysis and eliminated options and alternatives, a comprehensive risk assessment workshop is carried out for the options still under consideration.
  • Desktop Analysis: Treatment and analysis of the outcome from the risk workshop: The value engineering findings and the risk assessment findings will present a clearer picture as to the conceptual options that may be considered further.
  • Economics: The previous phases of value engineering and risk assessment focused on cost engineering, CAPEX estimation and financial risks. This phase will use that information together with operational expenditures for the different options still in the running and will use other financial indicators and techniques to calculate the NPV or UTC on the basis of a life cycle costing (LCC) analysis.
  • Recommendation: At this stage of the conceptual engineering phase, there would have been enough assessment and analysis carried out to recommend a conceptual solution that may be taken forward for Conceptual Design. The Conceptual Design will be completed with the objective of creating a solid base for FEED


Our expertise lies in the area of identifying the key areas, concerns, taking a holistic approach in facilitating the development of the Project Technical specifications and the appropriate commercial terms and conditions leading to a deliverable based contract / engagement. A fully briefed client will appreciate consideration of alternatives and refined design to achieve the optimum solution.




Design and Implementation services usually follow such preliminary / development studies. Competent advice in the early stages of a project, coupled with innovative design and project management, can yield much larger savings in the overall cost of the project, than the cost of the advice.


In this stage, the Client may require a panel of contractors / suppliers for implementation based on the scope prepared in the develop phase. DASSERVICES, again using its past experience and/or expertise can identify and present a shortlisted panel to the client, prepare the ITB documents, support client in bid management and negotiations for finalization of contract award. The association, depending on the satisfaction of the client maybe extended for EPCM services leading to project commissioning and operation of the project.


Our core business is providing highly specialized value-added engineering, project management, and Techno Commercial & management consultancy services in a wide spectrum of the engineering field.


Specialist advice in quantity surveying, architecture & structures, landscape design, land planning, and resource management, may be necessary for the project.  These services may involve the consultant in co operating with or co coordinating with other consultants during the project. 


Our consultancy services will help you to make a difference in the following areas:


  • Access to a large pool of experts covering all aspects of Engineering.
  • Avoidance of unnecessary long term personnel costs
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Access to industry best-practice solutions
  • Ability to get advice on leading-edge technology trends
  • Vendor independent advice
  • Access to technology road maps
  • Access to market intelligence
  • HR, Training and Development


If you have a problem today, you need someone to start fixing it ... today! Our consultants will:


  • tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear;
  • understand your business;
  • be committed to your success; and
  • React quickly.